, Links listed on country and theme.

ABOUT US is a fast loading website with links listed per country and theme with a great benefit for users to have such a Startpage available.

But why is that? you could ask yourself,

It is a fact that most internet users are searching for daily news, online shopping deals, weather reports, job opportunities, and more and 80% of those links are the same links each day over and over again.

When a user is bookmarking one of our pages and uses it as a daily Startpage on his or her mobile or desktop, he or she will use at least 80% of those links and possibly learn some new ones as well, as most pages contain 180 links in total.

This saves our visitors from a lot of time because it is easier to select links on our start pages than to have 180 separate bookmarked links on your mobile or desktop computer with the need to select another link each time.

All the links we list should be secure, mobile-ready, family safe, and useful for our users, that is how we select those links.

We hope you like our new website which has been online since the year 2002 and will share it with your friends as well.

With friendly regards,



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